RAVENOL — is a leading motor oil manufacturer in Germany. The trademark esists on the market for more than 60 years. Ravenol products are being shipped to more than 30 countries.

7 reasons of Ravenol success in the global market:

  • Products quality control: includes thorough suppliers selection, double control of manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing of many years' standing: 60 years of mastering
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing technology, highest tolerance standards
  • Wide selection of products that covers all types of motor gear
  • Large distribution network: customers are always welcomed to ask for assistance from any of our partners
  • Genuine german quality: the entire manufacturing process is being conducted in Germany
  • Recognition in international racing sports: Ravenol products are being used by Ford Rally WTCC racing team

Range of products:

  • Automobile and truck engine oils
  • Two-stroke engine oils, rally and racing oils
  • Gearbox oils for automatic transmission systems
  • Oils for mechanical gearboxes and drive shafts
  • Agricultural machinery oils, hydraulic oils, industrial oils, brake fluids, customised products
  • General and heavy-duty greases
  • Automobile care products, cleaners
  • Winter chemicals and cooler protection products
  • Modern engine and transmission lubricants